"Gai Jones is my role model for educational theatre. Ms. Jones’s theatre students raise the bar for Southern California theatre students! Every great idea I use I stole from Gai Jones. What a great resource for theatre educators!"
Krista Carson Elhai, CA State Thespian Director

  Gai Jones    
Gai Jones

Theatre Educator of students Kindergarten to Senior Citizens, Master Teacher, Multi-faceted Artist and Director, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Text Book Author, Workshop Leader, CA Youth in Theatre Founder, Actress, Voice Over Artist, Sage to Stage Creator, Theatre Festival Judge Coordinator


Voice Over CD at http://www.voiceregistry.com/13098969/audio.php

Head shots at www.actoraccess.com; www.showfax.com; www.lacasting.com; www.backstage.com; www.nowcasting.com

Textbook RAISING THE CURTAIN available at www.perfectionlearning.com

Theatre Resource gift book, "BREAK A LEG..."
available on this website

Available on this website

The Student Actor Prepares:  Acting for Life THE STUDENT ACTOR PREPARES: 
The Student Actor Prepares:  Acting for Life
is a practical, interactive approach to a student actor's journey. Each chapter includes acting principles, their importance to the process, and workbook entries for emotional work, script analysis, and applications to the study of theatre. Topics cover a brief history of the art of acting and how the study of acting can be an advantage in numerous occupations; an actor's discover of emotional work; movement and mime practices for the actor; vocal practices for the actor; solo improvisational study; script analysis for the individual actor; rehearsal tips; monologue work; original solo work; audition information; working with an acting partner or in a production; acting resources and research topics.

Gai Jones, Founder of California Youth in Theatre, taught theatre at El Dorado High School in Placentia, CA, for 34 years.

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Break A Leg

Curtain Goin Up