"I wish I had this book before I
started my 25-year teaching career.
It made me smile often as I read
things I learned quickly, things
I learned slowly, and some things
I wish I had learned before I left
the classroom! Thanks, Gai and
Diane, for teaching students
and teachers from your heart."
Michael Peitz, Executive Director,
Educational Theatre Association EdTA
  Break a Leg    

“Gai Jones and Diane DeJulio have combined their considerable talents to put together a succinct, clever and very readable book about theatre tips. Gai Jones has provided many useful hints and ideas for theatre teachers. Diane has made available interesting illustrations which she has allowed to be reproduced. Bravo!”
Linda deBaun Theatre director, Theatre and English teacher, Yucaipa High School.

“The book made me laugh aloud several times as I remembered the truths on the pages; losing keys, having the district do outrageously stupid “improvements” to the theater, like (wanting to put a “nice hardwood floor” on the stage) and how the programs NEVER were error free! It was as if 35 years of my professional life reappeared before my eyes.”
Barbara Masters, Emeritus member of DTASC, CA Thespians, State Board, Teaching Artist for LA County Center Theatre Group, Professional Expert LAUSD.

"I have taught theatre for over 25 years, and this book put into words so many of my  thoughts. It also reminded me of why I became a theatre teacher. It made me laugh and made me realize why what I do is important."
Stacey Bailey, Theatre Teacher, School of Film and Technology coordinator, Head of Arts Dept. West Valley High School, Who's who of American teachers, California State Thespian Board, Bravo Award  nominee, Disney teacher of the year nominee.