“Gai teaches with great enthusiasm
and compassion for her students,
whether she's teaching high
school students or other
theatre educators.”

Nancy Brown, Director of Education
Educational Theatre Association
  Raising the Curtain    

"Gai Jones brings many years of broad, deep, rich experience and practice in theater education, in addition to her professional performances, to Raising the Curtain, a theatre-based resource book for those working with theatre students of all ages." 
Nancy Carr, Visual and Performing Arts Consultant, California Department of Education.

“With her relaxed, warm, positive approach to directing, Gai Jones creates a safe space for actors to explore and expand the boundaries of their craft. I would work with her any time.”
Catherine Dain, senior actor, member of the Executive Committee of the Ojai Art Center Theater Branch

 "Gai Jones is an astonishingly creative theatre director, leading her students of all ages to new heights in creativity.”  
Ellis Jordan, Past Trustee and charter recipient of the Hall of Fame Award of the Educational Theatre Association

“Gai Jones is the renaissance woman of educational theatre - from molding children's lives to legislative action! I want to be just like her when I grow up...” 
Amanda Swann, CETA President-Elect, DTASC Past President, Bravo Finalist

“With sensitivity, grace and wit, Gai Jones created a space for our seniors' voices to be heard, and our community is so much richer for it.”
Elizabeth Rosengren, Artistic Director - Theater 150

“Gai Jones is a remarkable artist whose first love is theatre education. She skillfully brings her enthusiasm and talent to everyone, from children to seniors. I am continually inspired by her teaching."
James Thomas Bailey, Artistic Director, ComedySportz/National Comedy Theatre

“Gai teaches with great enthusiasm and compassion for her students, whether she's teaching high school students or other theatre educators.”
Nancy Brown, Director of Education, Educational Theatre Association

"Gai Jones is my role model for educational theatre. Ms. Jones’ theatre students raise the bar for Southern California theatre students! Every great idea I use I stole from Gai Jones. What a great resource for theatre educators!" 
Krista Carson Elhai, CA State Thespian Director

"I have never known a more conscientious, industrious and organized theatre educator.  Gai Jones is the most reliable person I have ever known."
Kaleta Brown, Past President CETA, Emeritus Dean, Fine Arts, Cypress College.

“We know of no other individual whose commitment, passion and respect focuses more intently on what it takes to be a young theatre artist.”
David Krassner / Artur Cybulski, Co Directors – CAMP BRAVO,
A Theatre Arts Summer Camp

“In her capacity as my high school theatre teacher, my mentor, my colleague, and my friend, Gai Jones has taught me the true value and importance of arts education, and has instilled in me a passion for theatre that I hope to pass on to my students and my own children.”
Kathleen Switzer, former student of Gai Jones, classroom teacher, VP of High Schools - Drama Teachers Association of SO CA, VP of CETA-Southern Region.

“Gai Jones has been a mentor and an inspiration for me and countless theatre educators throughout the country.  She coined the phrase by which many of us have come to live, "'I am a professional who has chosen to teach'."
Mary Krell-Oishi, Past VP of High Schools--CETA-South, Author of Scenes That Happen, More Scenes That Happen, Perspectives and Scenes Keep Happening 

“As a member of the Ventura County Senior Readers' Theatre organization, I would like to credit Gai Jones for her outstanding contributions to our group since she joined us.  Her constructive criticism has been positive, gentle and welcome.  Her creativity as a director  has been well received and has put new life into our readings.”
Myrna Winer, Senior Theatre Actor

"Gai Jones is the quintessential theatre instructor. I've gained so much from her wisdom and used so many tools from her workshops - she has given me practical advice that I utilize almost daily with my students."-
Rob Duval, Vice-President of High Schools for the California Educational Theatre Association, Theatre Instructor at Windward School in Los Angeles, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre at UCLA