“In her capacity as my high school theatre teacher, my mentor, my colleague, and my friend, Gai Jones has taught me the true value and importance of arts education, and has instilled in me a passion for theatre that I hope to pass on to my students and my own children.”
-Kathleen Switzer, former student of Gai Jones, classroom teacher, VP of High Schools - Drama Teachers Association of SO CA, VP of CETA-Southern Region

  Raising the Curtain    


If you can hear me, say, “I love being in theatre.”  This is one of the many techniques I use to gain the focus of a classroom of highly-verbal, outgoing, Theatre students.  The theatre educator’s occupation is filled with creative, attention-getting devices coupled with directed
activities in sequential order structured toward goals, objectives, standards, and assessments. A theatre educator is an artist who has chosen to create with the students of the world theatre in an effort to lead them toward empowerment through theatre experiences.  The theatre educator, the camp director, the recreational leader or theatre artist-in-residence is to create a space of ensemble building experiences, in which every participant feels so left in, not left out.

This book is created by a lifelong theatre educator, who has developed experiences which can work for the youngest and oldest of students.  The guidelines presented begin with the basics of sequential Theatre training and progress through advanced-level experiences and are highlighted by resources so that educators can continue in the evolution of theatre education, in the classroom, rehearsal space, community theatre, or camp ground. The book is enriched with theatre quotes, inspirational thoughts, thank you letters and memories, and comedy and tragedy masks to increase the confidence and influence of the theatre educator. The activities are linked to the National Standards for Arts Education, “What Every Young American Should Know and Be Able to Do in the Arts.”

This practical book outlines experiences which can be used by theatre educators, camp directors, recreational leaders, CEO’s, and theatre artists in residence to implement for the training of the future of world theatre, today’s Theatre students of any age.

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